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UNF Faculty Domains is a project at the University of North Florida managed by the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT).

UNF Faculty Domains is a full featured web hosting solution that offers the opportunity to create academic publishing spaces using modern web applications. This project is one of many “Domain of One’s Own” projects happening at institutions of higher learning across the country. As part of UNF’s version of Domain of One’s Own, UNF faculty receive their own subdomain (web space) to install the available applications, as well as easy to use management tools.

WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar are currently available.

These faculty domains can function as hubs for professional presence. The service provides both simple templates for common needs and more sophisticated tools and support for faculty who wish to experiment.

To further clarify the purpose of Faculty Domains, there is a terrific video featuring Christopher Long, the Dean of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University speaking about Crafting Your Digital Scholarly Presence.

“deeply embedded in Domain of One’s Own, [is] that it is important to have one’s own space in order to develop one’s ideas and one’s craft.” – Audrey Watters

Find out how to Get Started, or read more about what is included by visiting the Domain of One’s Own page at our web hosting partner, Reclaim Hosting.

  • Start Here

    These are the instructions for Getting Started with UNF Faculty Domains – then your window to your web identity will open.

  • Read the Documentation

    Here we give you the help you need to set up your account, install applications, and become a web citizen.

  • Join a Community

    Talk with folks at other institutions who are doing similar “Domains” projects – Get ideas or seek out people who are working in similar areas.


UNF Faculty are already creating some great sites on UNF Faculty Domains.

Here are just a few examples.

Quincy Gibson

Quincy Gibson


Quincy is the Director of the University of North Florida’s Dolphin Research Program which provides much needed information on the population of bottlenose dolphins inhabiting Jacksonville’s estuarine waters.

Clarence Hines

Clarence Hines

Jazz Studies

Clarence’s site features samples of his compositions along with music publications, upcoming performances, and more!

Adam Rosenblatt

Adam Rosenblatt


Adam’s current research focuses on how climate change and urbanization might be altering predator/prey/plant interactions, and how such alterations can affect food webs, ecosystems, and people.

Nofa Farha Dixon

Nofa Farha Dixon

Art and Design

Nofa has been an art educator, a professional artist, and an active member of the Jacksonville Community for several decades. Her portfolio site includes works in ceramics, collages, sculpture, paintings, as well as UNF campus art.

Mary Treyz

Mary Treyz

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Mary’s podcast site serves up conversations about religion through talks with scholars about their work in the field of religious studies.

David Courtwright

David Courtwright


David specializes in drug history. He also writes about violence, political and policy history, aviation, and frontier environments. He teaches medical, U.S., and world history at the University of North Florida, where he is presidential professor in the Department of History.

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