Faculty Domains General Policies

Faculty Domains are subject to section IV of the UNF Developing and Publishing Online Communication Policy as unofficial online communication and the UNF Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Faculty Domains Acceptable Use Policy

Faculty may use a Faculty Domains site for personal use including:

  • Academic websites like digital projects, lab group pages, portfolios, web collections, and databases
  • Personal websites for hobbies or personal interests
  • Testing and experimentation of web technologies such as web applications

Faculty Domains sites may not be used to publish the following:

  • Information that violates FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Copyright violations
  • Plagiarism
  • Illegal content


Faculty Domains user accounts are available for creation by anyone with a Faculty, Adjunct, Instructor role at the University of North Florida

Faculty Domains Account Lifecycle

  • Accounts are created the first time a faculty member logs in to UNF FD
  • When a faculty member is terminated from the university their account will be disabled. When an account is disabled, the websites that are active remain public and available to view, but may not be edited.
  • After 90 days the account will be deleted from the host. This will give faculty ample time to back up their data and, if they wish move it to a non-UNF account.

Faculty Domains Default Backups

  • By default your domain will is backed up every day at noon.
  • Backups for the past ten (10) days are available
  • If you need to restore a backup, you may restore your entire domain, specific directories, or specific files

Faculty Domains Configurable Backups

There are three ways that data can be backed up on a domain, in addition to the default backups.

  1. Use the Installatron application backup tool to manually create a backup of the application or create an automated backup schedule.
  2. Use the Backup Wizard in the files section of CPanel
  3. Use the Backup tool in  the files section of CPanel


Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on Unsplash


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