WordPress Themes and Plugins for Accessibility

When people start building their brand-new WordPress websites, their mind is filled with design and colors and content. “How can I make my site look good?” is typically their foremost thought. Experienced site designers will usually say “think of your audience”, and will try to make something that caters to as many people as possible. One group that has often times been left out of the discussion are individuals with disabilities who need assistive technology to understand and interact with content that is being presented to them.

Fortunately, WordPress has incorporated web accessibility guidelines into its application, making it easier for site creators to make a more accessible site. To familiarize yourself with the issues of accessibility, you can refer to our Accessibility page. In addition, WordPress makes available themes that are “accessibility ready”, as well as plugins that can easily enable accessibility features.

WP Campus, an organization of higher education web professionals, has an accessibility resources page that is quite comprehensive.

It should be noted that this is an ever evolving area of web development, so plan to see updates on this topic as guidelines evolve and new technologies are introduced. There are many WordPress themes and plugins that follow accessibility best practices. You can go directly to the list of Accessibility Ready themes at wordpress.org.



Photo by Casey Clingan on Unsplash

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