Using the UNF Faculty Template

With UNF Faculty Domains we have built a custom template, called UNF Faculty Template, that is selected by default. It consists of a UNF-styled theme and some recommended plugins. We highly recommend you choose the UNF Faculty Template because it will give you a great head start toward building your website and you will still be able to customize the theme and add plugins later.

When you install WordPress on UNF Faculty Domains, the option for installing the UNF Faculty Template is already selected for you. As you follow the WordPress installation process, you get to a section that has the following screen:

Notice that UNF Faculty Template is selected in the screenshot image above. There is no need to change this if you want to use the template. Refer to the Installing WordPress documentation for the full context of where the template selection step occurs.

Now that your WordPress site is installed, you can now start configuring your site. You need to be in the administrative area, also known as the WordPress Dashboard to make changes to your site and to add content. Again refer to the Installing WordPress documentation to get to the admin area of your site. The admin screen, again known as the dashboard, looks like this:

To see the themes that are installed, mouse over the word Appearance in the dashboard menu and then click on Themes.

You then see several themes on view including the two UNF themes. The UNF Faculty theme will be listed as Active.

If you hover the mouse over the Faculty Domains 2017 theme icon (the one right next to the UNF Faculty theme), you will see an Activate button. You can click that button to make Faculty Domains 2017 the Active theme.

Both of these themes have been customized with some settings and also the UNF logos. Whichever theme you choose, you can click on the Customize button of the active theme to modify them further. You can also choose the Appearance > Customize menu option in the dashboard.

A quick note about the other themes. The UNF Faculty theme is based on another theme that’s available in the template called Superhero. You can switch to this theme, but it won’t have the UNF style. The Faculty Domains 2017 is based on the Twenty Seventeen theme. Again, it’s the plain version of the theme without the UNF colors and logos. Those UNF themes are known as “child themes” and they are dependent on the “parent” themes (Superhero and Twenty Seventeen). In general, you can delete themes you’re not using, but DO NOT delete the parent themes of the UNF themes. They are required for the child themes.

There are two other themes listed – Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Fifteen. They are more plain but certainly can be configured in many ways. By the way, the “Twenty” themes are created by WordPress every year when they release a new version of the WordPress software. They don’t exactly coincide, but it’s close.

If you want to delete a theme (again DON’T delete the parent themes), the theme needs to not be the active theme. Hover over the theme thumbnail preview and click Theme Details. In the lower right corner you should see a Delete button. Click it and you will then be asked “Are you sure you want to delete this theme?” Click the OK button and the theme will be deleted (uninstalled).

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