UNF Faculty Domains Template

As part of the UNF Faculty Domains initiative, we have created a template for UNF faculty to use when installing a WordPress website. Our first template (we plan on creating others soon) includes two UNF-styled themes with some recommended plugins. The default WordPress installation includes everything you need to get started. A complete demonstration site is available, if you would like to see what the theme looks like. You can check it out by visiting https://template.domains.unf.edu/.

We have documentation on Using the UNF Faculty Template, as well as full documentation on how to Install WordPress. This template will automatically be selected when you install the WordPress application. In addition to the main theme included in the template – known as UNF Faculty – we have another theme that has a UNF look and feel called Faculty Domains 2017. It is based on the WordPress theme known as Twenty Seventeen that is included on “standard” WordPress installs. When installed, your site will look something like this:

Faculty Domains 2017 Theme Screenshot


We think either theme will be a good starting point for UNF faculty, and CIRT will provide workshops that will help you to use the template to its fullest advantage.

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