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Before you get started, we recommend that you take some time to think about choosing your domain. Your domain name will be unique, but all of the domains on UNF Faculty Domains will take the form of So, an example might be You can choose any domain name that is available, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your Domain Name Must Be Available – The most common choice for UNF Faculty Domains will probably be your first and last name. Choosing a domain that includes your name may make it easier for you to achieve higher rankings in search engines when someone queries your real name. This is not a requirement, but also realize that there might be more than one John Smith for instance. Be prepared with another option.
  • Choose a Domain You Can Live With: You should choose a domain name that you feel you can live with for quite some time.
  • Pick a Domain you Like: At the end of the day, your domain should reflect you. Pick a domain you like and are proud of. If not your name, your domain can reflect your interests, the name of a project, or a hobby. Or it could just be your name. The “right” domain for you is the one you’re comfortable with.
  • You Have the Option of a Personal Domain Name – Once you create your space, you can use a more personal domain name, like You will need to purchase it for about $15/year, and continue to renew it each year if you want to keep it. We have more information on Registering a Domain.

Once you’ve given your domain name some thought, you can go to and click on the Sign-in/Sign-up (Dashboard) link in the menu bar (upper right corner of that page).

UNF Faculty Domains home page screenshot

If you are logged in to myWings or another UNF web service, you will be brought directly to the Chose your Domain screen. Otherwise, you will be redirected to login where you will use your UNF ID and password to login.

UNF SSO Login Screen Shot

After you log in,  you will be brought to the Choose Your Domain page.

Type in the domain name you would like to use. Just enter your domain name in the field and the system will take care of the rest. Again, it will take the form of – Click the Continue button.

If the domain has already been taken, you will get this message on screen and you’ll need to try another domain name:

If the domain is available, you’ll see

Click on the Sign Up button if you want to keep the domain. Click on the Start Over button if you’d like to choose a different domain name.

IMPORTANT! Press the Sign Up button once and then be patient. Things are happening…

You’ll eventually see a Congratulations screen which will count down from 10 and then redirect you to your domain’s control panel.

If it all worked correctly, what you’ll see next is what’s known as the Control Panel or cPanel. From now on when you sign in at (by clicking on the Sign-in/Sign up (Dashboard) link), you will see the cPanel page.

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