Managing Installatron Email Notifications

You’re here because your email notifications for your Faculty Domains applications have become annoying. Here’s how to stop them.

You will begin by logging into your Faculty Domains “cPanel”. Once you have your cPanel dashboard window open, click on the Applications button on the left sidebar (you may have to dismiss the “Welcome to Jupiter” window).

Next you will click on the “wrench” icon next to your application. This is the “view/edit details” icon. Note: Each applications has its own view/edit icon, so if you have multiple applications, you must edit each one.

Scroll down the webpage until you see Email Notification.

Click on the radio button labeled “Let me choose which notifications are sent.”

Now check the boxes that you want notifications for, or select “all” or “none”.

Finally, click the Save All button to save your settings. After a few seconds your site setting will be updated.

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