Managing Failed Login Email Notifications

You may have been getting emails notifying you that attempts are being made to login into your websites. We won’t say that someone else trying to log into your website should be ignored, but it is extremely common for people to try. There are ways to “harden” a website using things like “two-factor authentication”, but that’s another subject. If you simply want the emails to stop, here’s how you do it.

You will begin by logging into your Faculty Domains “cPanel”. Once you have your cPanel dashboard window open, click on the Applications button on the left sidebar (you may have to dismiss the “Welcome to Jupiter” window).

For your WordPress application, click the “wp-admin” link to log into your WordPress Dashboard.

Installatron page with admin link highlighted in red

Look for the “Limit Login Attempts” link in the left sidebar…

Hover over it and then click Settings…

On the Settings tab look for “Notify on lockout”…

Finally, uncheck the box and then click the Save Settings button. After a few seconds your site settings will be updated.

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