When talking about adding content to your WordPress posts and pages, images play a large part in the attractiveness and even functionality of your website. Not only will a nice photo or graphic make your site look good, it can be succinct visual information that helps viewers further in understanding what your words are saying.

On any WordPress site, there is a Media Library that will contain, and allow you to manage, your images. While you can also upload audio, video, and even PDF documents into the Media Library, images are the main focus.

To help you see how the process works you can read how to Insert Images Into Posts and Pages step-by-step. You can also watch a nice tutorial video as well. Once you understand the concept of images and where the Media Library fits in, you will have tons of control over the look and feel of your website.

If you feel like you don’t know anything about how to use images on your website, we encourage you to start by thinking about Image Size and Quality Information, then get familiar with the image file formats, as well as information about when to use which one. As always, if you’re still looking for help, please contact us in CIRT.

One note about using images on your site is that you are publishing to a public medium, which means you need to either own the images you add to your site, or you need to have permission to use them. It’s part of copyright law. This will NOT be the place where we discuss the ins and outs of copyright law, but I encourage you to view the resources CIRT has on Copyright & Intellectual Property. In particular the University of Texas Library’s Copyright Crash Course and the Association of Research Library’s Resources for Teaching Faculty are highly recommended.

Finally, I’ll briefly talk bout where to get graphics and images for your website. One way to dress up your WordPress installation is with an attractive header image or banner. We have a page showing some banners you can use on your site as well as some places to get high quality images for free.

“gimp editing” flickr photo by utnapistim shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license