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The UNF Faculty Template has three WordPress widgets activated by default – the Search box, Links (also known as the “blogroll”), and Recent Posts. Search and Recents Posts are pretty self explanatory, so let’s show you how to edit your Links widget.

The Links widget is the middle one of those that appear on the sidebar of the home page.

There are two links included when you Install WordPress using the Faculty Template – one labeled UNF Academic Departments, and the other labeled Digital Commons Selected Works. We’ll edit the latter to link to an individual faculty “Selected Works” page.

You should be signed in to your WordPress site and viewing the Dashboard.

Choose the Links > All Links menu item.

The Links list should appear. They are the two we mentioned earlier.

Hover over the Selected Works link and click the Edit button.

Edit the Name of the Link and the Web Address.

For our purposes we’re going to make a link to a “pretend” faculty member (and no, they won’t work because there’s no such person).

Now click the Update Link button.

The Links widget will look like this when you update.


Add a Link

Now let’s add a new link to the Links Widget. At the top of the Links list, click the Add New button.

Fill in the Name, Web Address, and make sure you click “Links” checkbox in the Category area. We’ll call this link Faculty Bio. The Web Address will be that of a (non-existent) Faculty Bio page.

Now click the Add Link button.

Now you can view the home page with the new and edited links.

Note the sorting order of the links. In this case it is controlled by the link Rating. When you add or edit a link, you can choose a rating (it’s at the bottom of the screen).

Then if you edit the widget by going to Appearance > Customize and choosing Widgets

You’ll see the Links widget.

In this case, we have sorted by Link rating.




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