Day: July 14, 2017

Installing the WordPress Application

From your cPanel (Dashboard), locate and click the WordPress Application icon. You will now see the Installatron WordPress screen. It presents you with loads of

Using the UNF Faculty Template

With UNF Faculty Domains we have built a custom template, called UNF Faculty Template, that is selected by default. It consists of a UNF-styled theme and

Logging Out

When you are ready to logout of your UNF Faculty Domains account, you can follow these simple steps. Move your mouse over your Profile name

WordPress Themes

When it comes to WordPress, customizing the look of your site is relatively simple and straightforward. We have built a UNF Faculty Template which includes two

WordPress Plugins

WordPress has a lot of functionality built-in, but occasionally you might find a specific need that isn’t a part of the default software. To accomplish

Photo by Anthony Martino on Unsplash

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